large immersion due to the size of its resonance wood membrane


powerful and dynamic sound without aggressiveness


soft, warm and pleasant acoustic environment

The Soundboard Viva made of resonant spruce creates a balanced, lively and omnipresent musical climate just like in a concert. Thanks to its exceptional capacity of immersion, its unique, natural and warm tone, find again all the original dimension of the music in your daily space as your living room, your office, listening room, … etc. Composed of a left-right system that allows for stereo listening, you can also bridge the two channels and use two or more Vivas. This creates a larger, more spatial stereo experience.


The Viva soundboard is a highly immersive audio solution due to its large resonant wood membrane. It produces a powerful and dynamic sound without aggression. It is very suitable for use in comfortable public spaces where it provides real added value. The restaurant, reception hall, hotel, showroom, … are filled with a sound of a rare realism. The guests are immersed in a soft, warm and pleasant acoustic atmosphere. HiFi or professional installation

technical data


89cm x 89cm x 20 cm




– without sub: 90Hz to 20’000Hz
– with sub: 30Hz à 20’000Hz

sound level

105 dB at 1 m.




resonance spruce


banana plugs


4, or 16 ohms depending on mode of use

Power rating



wall or stand


on request


“Der Klang des Soundboards übertrifft alles was ich je gehört habe. Man wähnt sich im Konzertsaal eines Symphonie-Orchesters oder unter den Zuhörern eines Pop-oder Jazzkonzerts oder direkt neben den Musikanten einer Ländlerformation. Natürlich ist die Tonquelle wichtig; es gibt auch CDs die keinen befriedigenden Klang ergeben, aber auch Aufnahmen ab Spotify die überwältigend tönen. Das Soundboard deckt eben auch Fehler in der Aufnahme auf, so sauber ist seine Klangentwicklung. Ein absolutes Klangerlebnis! Und optisch kann es sich absolut sehen lassen.”

June 14th, 2022

Rudolf Graf

“The Viva, with its 89cm sides covered with a resonant spruce membrane, is a unique work of art hanging on your wall. When you feed it with a sound source, it becomes a living work of art. You can only sit with your friends in front of your favorite singer or go without your car to your symphony concert without restrictions. The immersion is total, the perfection sublimates your hearing. It is a racy, unique object, vibrant with an acoustic depth that is difficult to compete with.
The Viva will perfectly immerse you during a man-cinema session where the surprise of hearing a perfect sound will scotch us in our armchair. It leaves obsolete any other audio system that buries your living room with 8 speakers and a lot of cables.
Finally, when you are in love with acoustic music and can invite your favorite band into your living room, that’s when I heard what sound immersion means. This is art!”

October 2022 – L.Marcioni

L. Marchioni