Assembly in the workshop

Once the wood part of the Soundboard is made by the cabinetmaker, we bring it to our workshop in Düdingen (Guin). This is where we assemble all the electronics, carry out measurements, calibrations and tests. The Soundboard is then matured in the showroom, like a musical instrument, so that it already gives a more "mature" sound when it is installed at the customer's place.

Several steps


Several steps are necessary to assemble the electronic part of the Soundboard


The board (front part in resonance wood) leaves the workshop with its final finish. It is then taken to the electronics workshop as well as the hood (rear part)


The first step is the gluing of the exciters as well as the tests of their impedance (not glued and glued)
The second step is the wiring of the exciters.
Once the cabling is complete, an impedance measurement is performed again to ensure the reliability of the cable and the soldering
The inside of the hood is acoustically insulated
All parts are then assembled and the finished Soundboard is tested by measuring and listening

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